Cultural Hip Hop Era NFT Collection

B-Boy Skunks Are Here

The B-Boy Skunks were created by a crew of Gen Xers who grew up in a time where Hip-Hop was at the height of its underground popularity.  Where our main interests were getting High, Graffiti, Break Dancing, DJs, Hip-Hop, and Dope Vibes.

This Culture brought a lot of creative people together and made battling exciting!  Everything was a battle, from dancing to tagging, and there was always someone who was known as king of the streets.   B-Boy Skunks was created to honor one of the dopest cultures to ever exist.


B-Boy Skunks

B-Boy Skunks are a collection of NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your B-Boy Skunk doubles as your Golden Ark VIP ACCESS membership, and grants access to VIP members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE B-BOY LOUNGE, a VIP Lounge in the Golden Ark Metaverse.


Michael Manu

Michael is the Chief 3D Art Director for Golden Ark, graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Michael has developed for many gaming companies and 3D animation studios.  Michael has a passion for 3D gaming and grew up in the Hip Hop ERA.

Jack Lau

Jack is the Chief Technical Officer for Golden Ark and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jack has been developing technology for over 20 years and started his career as a Lead Web Specialist at Oracle. Jack was a graffiti artist in high school which is where he met Al Freshko.

Al Freshko

Al is the Chief Design Officer of Golden Ark and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Al was a graffiti artist in his teens and he graduated from Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  Al is well known for creating some of the most recognized logos in the Hip Hop industry.  Al was the NFT clothing line designer for the B-Boy Skunks.


B-Boy Skunks is a product of Golden Ark.


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