Cultural Hip Hop Era NFT Collection

B-Boy Skunks Are Here

The B-Boy Skunks were created by a crew of Gen Xers who grew up in a time where Hip-Hop was at the height of its underground popularity.  Where our main interests were getting High, Graffiti, Break Dancing, DJs, Hip-Hop, and Dope Vibes.

This Culture brought a lot of creative people together and made battling exciting!  Everything was a battle, from dancing to tagging, and there was always someone who was known as king of the streets.   B-Boy Skunks was created to honor one of the dopest cultures to ever exist.


B-Boy Skunks

B-Boy Skunks are a collection of NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your B-Boy Skunk doubles as your Golden Ark VIP ACCESS membership, and grants access to VIP members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE B-BOY LOUNGE, a VIP Lounge in the Golden Ark Metaverse.

B-Boy Skunks is a product of Golden Ark.


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